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Build a Green Community with us!


Eco Community Promotion Association Limited (ECPAL) is a non-profit making organization that hopes to build a green community in Hong Kong. We understand that the success of environmental protection and sustainability is not the result of an individual's efforts. It depends on all stakeholders' contributions to the community....

New! Mobile Communal Food Waste Collection Program~~


ECPAL is applying for government funding to support and extend our food waste collection services in Hong Kong. We plan a Mobile Communal Food Waste Collection Program. It aims to collect food waste from the residential sectors, especially for the single block buildings and the estates without any food waste collection experience in Hong Kong. 


If interested, please fill out the google form below to show your support!


English Form: https://forms.gle/71R5YtQLQbJCGh8P8                                    中文表格:https://forms.gle/LmVBFvYBHNukYVFi7

Food waste recycling Services