About us


Eco Community Promotion Association Limited (ECPAL) is a non-profit making organization which hopes to build a Green Community in Hong Kong. We understand that the success of environmental protection and sustainability is not the result of an individual's efforts. It depends on all stakeholders' contributions in the community.


Our work is to gather different parties together and collaborate with them to build a Green Community in Hong Kong. We also do as much as we can in different green services and public education. We sincerely invite you to become one of the builders of this Green Community in Hong Kong.

Core Values


  • Green

  • Sustainability

  • Efficiency

  • Innovation



We are a registered food waste collector. We strive...

  • To promote food waste reduction at source.

  • To promote food waste recycling to households and restaurants.

  • To provide food waste collection services.

  • To explore and implement innovative ways to facilitate food waste collection and transportation.

Our work gallery

    Food Waste Collector Registration: FWC-057


    List of registered food waste collectors from the Environmental Protection Department: